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I should give a shoutout to my all but now retired CTF team CyberTeam6. We haven’t really gotten together for a competition in a while, I guess life catches up. Personally, niden is the one that first exposed me to competitive CTFs so you can all thank him for this latest rambling post.

Before anything else, I would visit the CTF Resources page and go through all of the great information there. I’ll have to go back and look into who actually authored that, but it is really awesome.

BTW this is not meant to be an exhaustive list of tools and resources, but rather a living document that I will be adding to regularly since this is a topic that comes up quite frequently.

Practice Ranges

There are a few really good ranges that are either competitive or built for the user that just wants to learn.




If you do not have your box setup for competitive hacking, you will want to start with some of these tools, I have either used them or have heard really good things about them.






That’s all for now, if you have any recommendations, hit me up @attackd0gz or leave a comment here (since all the comments that I actually get here are spam, hahaha)

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  1. Tag, I am getting back into some of the skills I learned at our school house. I appreciate this site and the time you have put into it.


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