How to Terminal

Slinging some info together for folks just starting out with *nix or BASH. There are some really good resources out there, some of which are really well organizes and some that are not. I can appreciate a good dump of information as much as the next guy, but a well-formatted infographic usually helps me out a lot more than just text.

Learn Code The Hard Way

These guys have a very simple document that should get you through any situation you may be in. Not very pleasing to the eye, but has all the core commands you need.


This site hosts a ton of really cool cheat sheets that are just the right size to print out and carry with you. The information is formatted in a usable manner and it’s a bit easier to look at. The one found below was authored by Dave Child, and was a really helpful resource for me at times.

Julia Evans

Gotta give a shout out to @b0rk who puts together some of the best infographics out there. She does such a good job explaining how some of these commands work and it’s done in a really effective manner. If you like what she has done, she sells some of her products at Wizard Zines.

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