App Development on Holochain (Pt 2)

Ok so back to troubleshooting the HoloWorld project.  I am admittedly not a pro with programming. If I am just following a step-by-step set of directions to get something running, I have an affinity to give up.  If you are unable to document your project enough for someone else to get it running, then I might not have the time to spend in troubleshooting.


I am back to double/triple/quadruple checking my code, and re-running the “hcdev test” command.


Next.. in line with the HoloChain purpose, now we need to make sure that the privacy and integrity are separated, and we do that by sharing our project out to the distributed hash table…

This is what our “readerWriter.js” file needs to look like.


The “dna.json” file needs to be allowed to be read by “public” rather than “private” which results in a file that reads as such:

And after your file is able to be read by public, you can start your web service, using the “hcdev web” command.  This will initiate the web service on your localhost, port 4141.  The resulting web page, should look like this:

The resulting page will allow you to interact with the HoloChain, giving a string, which is immediately hashed. That input can then be queried and the original input will be given back.

This project is a very simple example of how HoloChain works and I look forward to leveraging the power of everything that the team claims!

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