App Development on Holochain

I have been interested in the Holochain project for a few months now.  The team behind it has been working on the Metacurrency project for over 10 years, before Bitcoin had even been thought up.  The premise behind the project is a decentralized, peer-to-peer, agent-centric network which allows users full control over their data.  You can read more about the project here if you are interested.

The back end of the project sounds cool, but app development is what I am interested in, so let’s dig into that. I am working off a Ubuntu Bionic Beaver VM, and following the instructions provided on the Holochain Developer’s site, installed very easily.

Holochain has it’s own syntax and grammar, so that is going to be something new to get used to, but anyway, onward. There are a few commands that you need to run to get the holochain webserver running, but it is simple to get it up and going.

I noticed that there is a “HoloWorld” project included in the project (I am bad at reading documentation).  I installed everything and played with the code a bit….

And that’s where I stand for the moment.  Everything seems well documented and well written.  I will play with it some more before the weekend is over.

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