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For people just getting started in the InfoSec space, there is a steep learning curve in how to get plugged in. First thing to know is that there is no secret handshake where you are given all of the secrets to the world. Just as InfoSec is a passion for many people that requires them to do hours upon hours of research to solve a problem, getting plugged into this world can take some time as well. InfoSec Twitter is a great place to start. I recommend the following accounts as a good starting point, and as you start your journey, I suggest using the “Lists” function within the settings for Twitter to organize the accounts you choose to follow.

Be fair-warned, there is plenty of drama in the space. InfoSec Twitter is really just full of humans, so people have their issues. Try to come up with your own formula of how to follow people that can help you out and at the same time you might be able to help them out, and at the end of the day, we can all Hack The Planet together!

This is what the “Lists” interface looks like

In addition to the “Lists” function, here are a few solid InfoSec accounts to start you out on your journey. A good tip is to see who these accounts interact with and follow them as well. Good luck!

@robtlee ‏
@aamirlakhani ‏
@hacks4pancakes ‏
@egyp7 ‏
@RobertMLee ‏

Annnd… of course..  @attackd0gz

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